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Culture & Traditions » Sagra delle Castagne

It is carried out every year during the first two weekends of October and it has been considered one of the most beautiful and impressive historical-recalling events of Italy. The celebration, which is paying homage to the fruit of the Monti Cimini, has really far origins which date back to a holiday, instituted by the Consiglio della Comunita’ at the and of the XV century, to recall the tragic events that occurred in Soriano nel Cimino in November 7th 1489, such as the attempted conquest of the castle of Soriano by Sir Pierpaolo Nardini of Vignanello and the bloody battle of the Fosso del Buonicontro where Soriano’s citizens defeated the invaders.
The Sagra delle Castagne immerse Soriano nel Cimino in an atmosphere of the late 15th century for ten days. During these days the town is divided in four districts known as Papacqua, Rocca, Trinita’ and San Giorgio. They compete for prizes and honors comparing their street decorations, setting up of historical-recallings and mainly for the conquest of the sought-after Palio which involve archers in the able “Prova degli Arceri” and knights in the amazing “Giostra degli Anelli”. Evocative moments are offered by the performance of the Swordsman Group of the Rocca district and by the Flag-hurlers of Trinita’ district. Suggestive are the historical-recallings, such as the battle of “Fosso del Buonicontro”, the knight investiture, the inquisition of the witch Giovanna Dabaldi, the killing of the dragon by San Giorgio, the torture room of the Orsini Castle, the reenactment of medieval life in each single district and finally the awesome historical parade “Soriano and his districts”. The parade consists of five hundred peoples dressed in rich medieval and Renaissance clothes, meticulously studied and created by able and masterly tailors that take fresco and old presses as starting points. The parade travels through the main square crossing the main streets and it is concluded by the huge chestnut that gives the symbol to this celebration.

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